Tips for design school students

I was reading a great little write-up on tips for design school students. It was written by a graduate of the Western Michigan University program (where I also attended). She has some great insight so I thought I’d pass it along. It’s definitely worth a read, even for design school graduates. It’s always good to remember these things after school too.


Learning German

A few months back I posted a bucket list of 30 things to do before 30. After a little on-again-off-again Duolingo I finally got serious about number 11, “Actively pursue speaking German.” This week I started GER 1000: Basic German.

Wie Geht's German textbookIt feels weird to go back to class (I graduated in spring 2009) but at the same time kind of refreshing. I like learning. I’m a fairly decent self-teacher but certain things (guitar, another language) need more than I am able to provide by myself. I’m glad I’m finally getting serious about learning German. I’m sure I won’t be fluent after just one class but it should move me along faster than the sporadic time I was spending teaching myself online.

So why German? Well, for starters my dad’s mother was born and grew up there. In addition to the family connection I’ve always thought it sounded cool. My time in Switzerland further ignited my wish to learn it. I figured now that I’m working at a university it seemed like a perfectly possible thing to do, so I did.