Minimalist TV Posters

Two of my passions are design and TV. It’s rare that I’m not watching at least five TV shows at any given moment. I’m not just a couch potato, I’m a multi-tasker. Anytime I’m surfing the web or working on a project there’s a good chance the TV is on.

The Simpsons Knight Rider  MacGyver Poster

So with TV being such a big part of my everyday and design being my livelihood, I was totally psyched to find this great poster series from Albert Exergian. I first saw them probably a year ago. The posters are wonderful. They really capture the spirit and feeling of each show with so few elements. I geeked over them for a while and then they slowly faded away to the back of my mind. That is until today, when I came across this other great poster series.

Lost Poster Daria Poster Veronica Mars Poster Mad Men Poster

This time it became a guessing game which added a new element of fun. I love that each poster has three icons to represent the show and no words or titles. I love seeing what elements the designers thought were most important. It’s almost like a really pretty game of Pictionary. It was their shout out to the original set of posters that reminded me about them. I like both sets very much, for different reasons and hope you enjoyed them too. Make sure you check out the full series (and the answers) over at re:blog.

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