Design Find: Minimalist Scientist Posters

I stumbled across a really great series of minimalist science posters by Kapil Bhagat. They are all brilliant, minimal interpretations of scientists’ names. I love how simple and clean they are. Each one does such a great job representing the scientist. It’s really hard to even pick a favorite because each one works so well. I love finding projects like this on the Web. I’ve added a few below but you can find the whole series at Bhagat’s site.

Minimalist science poster for Newton. Minimalist science poster for Einstein.
Minimalist science poster for Darwin. Minimalist science poster for Copernicus.

Minimalist TV Posters

Two of my passions are design and TV. It’s rare that I’m not watching at least five TV shows at any given moment. I’m not just a couch potato, I’m a multi-tasker. Anytime I’m surfing the web or working on a project there’s a good chance the TV is on.

The Simpsons Knight Rider  MacGyver Poster

So with TV being such a big part of my everyday and design being my livelihood, I was totally psyched to find this great poster series from Albert Exergian. I first saw them probably a year ago. The posters are wonderful. They really capture the spirit and feeling of each show with so few elements. I geeked over them for a while and then they slowly faded away to the back of my mind. That is until today, when I came across this other great poster series.

Lost Poster Daria Poster Veronica Mars Poster Mad Men Poster

This time it became a guessing game which added a new element of fun. I love that each poster has three icons to represent the show and no words or titles. I love seeing what elements the designers thought were most important. It’s almost like a really pretty game of Pictionary. It was their shout out to the original set of posters that reminded me about them. I like both sets very much, for different reasons and hope you enjoyed them too. Make sure you check out the full series (and the answers) over at re:blog.

Swiss inspired punk posters

A few months back I discovered this awesome ongoing project by graphic designer Mike Joyce called swissted. I instantly fell in love with it. They’re all absolutely beautiful and combine such a great design style to all of these great bands. They’re simple and colorful and wonderfully pieced together. I have to give big props to Mike Joyce for these. It’s really inspirational to see such a cool project that someone does just for themselves. The  It’s really hard to pick just one favorite but here are a few examples. Be sure to check out the swissted site and see them all.