27 Calls for a 30 by 30 Update

One of my first posts on this blog was a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Today is my 27th birthday so it’s only fitting take a second look at that list. After all, I’m down to only three years left to complete it.

Here’s the list, newly crossed off items are in red.

  1. Move to a major city
  2. Start a company
  3. Be a major part of a startup
  4. Get back under 200 pounds (getting close)
  5. Get to all 50 states (I think i’m in the 30s already)
  6. Run a 5k (not necessarily in a race)
  7. Go to Europe
  8. Launch an app in an app store
  9. Blog regularly
  10. Learn to play the guitar
  11. Actively pursue speaking German — I’m almost finished with my first semester of Basic German!
  12. Own my own power tools — I’m the proud owner of a saw AND a drill motor 🙂
  13. Write a screenplay (that is more than 5 minutes long)
  14. Brew my own beer — A west coast pale ale that turned out quite well
  15. Perform a wedding ceremony (that’s Rev. Jones to you, sir)
  16. Go on a cross-country road trip
  17. Kayak down a river — My wife and I enjoyed a great little kayak trip while on our honeymoon.
  18. See all of AFI’s top 100 movies — Progress is being made, just about half-way now
  19. Go to SXSW
  20. Visit Australia
  21. Take an “advanced driving” course (where you do cool stuff like slides)
  22. Get a puppy (named Pixel, not that I’ve had this planned forever or anything)
  23. Punch someone in the face (who deserves it of course)
  24. Fire a gun (at a target, at a range)
  25. Live in another country
  26. Ride in a helicopter
  27. Play tennis regularly (again)
  28. Go to Germany with my father (and visit where my Grandmother was born)
  29. Design and publish an e-book (note I didn’t say “write”)
  30. Become friends with my brother — Thanks in large part to disc golf, my brother and I hang out at least once a week, usually even more.

Sure there are a lot left but I’m happy to be making progress. Some friends, Abby and myself have started watching a top 100 movie together every week or two. That said, maybe it’s time I pick up the guitar again or pull out my tennis racket, I’ve only got three years left!

3 thoughts on “27 Calls for a 30 by 30 Update”

  1. 24 is an easy one to take care of. If I was in town I could even help out.

    Purchased my handgun about a month ago and taking a CCW class in a few weeks. Target practice is a ton of fun and a rewarding skill to learn.

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