27 Calls for a 30 by 30 Update

One of my first posts on this blog was a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Today is my 27th birthday so it’s only fitting take a second look at that list. After all, I’m down to only three years left to complete it.

Here’s the list, newly crossed off items are in red.

  1. Move to a major city
  2. Start a company
  3. Be a major part of a startup
  4. Get back under 200 pounds (getting close)
  5. Get to all 50 states (I think i’m in the 30s already)
  6. Run a 5k (not necessarily in a race)
  7. Go to Europe
  8. Launch an app in an app store
  9. Blog regularly
  10. Learn to play the guitar
  11. Actively pursue speaking German — I’m almost finished with my first semester of Basic German!
  12. Own my own power tools — I’m the proud owner of a saw AND a drill motor 🙂
  13. Write a screenplay (that is more than 5 minutes long)
  14. Brew my own beer — A west coast pale ale that turned out quite well
  15. Perform a wedding ceremony (that’s Rev. Jones to you, sir)
  16. Go on a cross-country road trip
  17. Kayak down a river — My wife and I enjoyed a great little kayak trip while on our honeymoon.
  18. See all of AFI’s top 100 movies — Progress is being made, just about half-way now
  19. Go to SXSW
  20. Visit Australia
  21. Take an “advanced driving” course (where you do cool stuff like slides)
  22. Get a puppy (named Pixel, not that I’ve had this planned forever or anything)
  23. Punch someone in the face (who deserves it of course)
  24. Fire a gun (at a target, at a range)
  25. Live in another country
  26. Ride in a helicopter
  27. Play tennis regularly (again)
  28. Go to Germany with my father (and visit where my Grandmother was born)
  29. Design and publish an e-book (note I didn’t say “write”)
  30. Become friends with my brother — Thanks in large part to disc golf, my brother and I hang out at least once a week, usually even more.

Sure there are a lot left but I’m happy to be making progress. Some friends, Abby and myself have started watching a top 100 movie together every week or two. That said, maybe it’s time I pick up the guitar again or pull out my tennis racket, I’ve only got three years left!

Birthday Deals

I’m a bit of a deal hound and one of my favorite deal times of the year is my birthday. It seems just about any retailer or restaurant with an email club will send you free or heavily discounted coupons. I discovered most of these birthday deals while I was a poor college student but even now, my inbox is still flooded every November (my birthday is the 15th if you were wondering) with coupons. How can I say no to free? I thought I’d compile a list of some of the birthday deals I get every year so you too can be bombarded with freebies. A lot of these are national chains but I’ve thrown in a few Kalamazoo favorites too. Most are emailed to you but a few are just show up kind of deals. Follow the links to sign up.

I’m sure I’m missing some. What are your favorite birthday deals? Let me know in the comments.

Slice of Life (Sans-Abby Edition)

This is a cross-post of a guest spot I did over at Abby’s blog. She’s been off getting her French on and she asked me to throw something up while she’s off the grid. I decided to go with her weekly “Slice of Life” style post.

Settlers of Catan board game

Birthday Cupcakes

Munchkin Card Game

Moosejaw T-Shirt

Ru Paul Bumper Sticker

Michigan Brewing Company Mackinac Pale Ale

This was what my week without Abby looked like. It wasn’t particularly exciting but it kept me busy.

  1. Settlers of Catan: We played two games on Friday and I managed to pull of a win in both games. Later in week, I continued that streak with a third win. I’m pretty sure everyone will gang up on me next time we play.
  2. Birthday Cupcakes: At a dinner with friends we celebrated Bethanie’s birthday with some homemade chocolate cupcakes, courtesy of our friend Kristen.
  3. Munchkin: My friends discovered a new (to us) card game called Munchkin. It’s kind of ridiculous and funny. We had a good time playing a couple of games and I’m sure it will be a staple at future game nights.
  4. Moosejaw T-shirt: This little goodie arrived in the mail for Abby. Moosejaw was  kind enough to give out free t-shirts last week, unfortunately not in my size. I guess Abby gets lucky on this one.
  5. Ru Paul for president bumper sticker: I saw this in a campus parking lot. It was a nice little laugh after a long, boring meeting.
  6. Michigan Brewing Company – Mackinac Pale Ale: Lately I’ve been trying to only buy beers I haven’t tried before. This week I picked up this pale ale based on name alone. It was pretty good.